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Teeth Whitening Reviews

With the choices available in the market, you should look at teeth whitening reviews before spending any money. Time and money can be saved by going for products which have proven to be effective for many people.

crest whitestripsYou can start with the least harmful approach using teeth whitening toothpastes but because of the low concentration of bleaching agent and short time of contact with your teeth, results are limited.

If you’re looking for more dramatic teeth whitening, then consider products such as mouth trays, whitening strips or paint-on applications.

Crest Whitestrips is a highly recommended teeth whitening kit. The product is used by placing a plastic strip directly onto to the teeth. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which work wonders for yellow teeth.

The strips mold to the shape of your teeth, reaching obscure areas or crooked teeth. It fits nicely without slippages and you are good to go about your daily activities. The process is easy too - just peel and apply!

With almost 90% of surface stains removed, you will have a noticeably whiter smile in just 14 days of using Crest Whitestrips. However, it is expensive and only sold through dentists and on internet.

Some side effects from using Whitestrips include gum irritation (not recommended for children under age of 12 ) and white spots on the teeth which are said to last a few hours after use according to the products' instruction manual. Crest Whitestrips also have a bleaching effect if they come in contact with clothing or skin.


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