Crest Whitestrips coupon


Great Summer Deals on Crest Whitestrips

I have found a few amazing deals on the Crest Whitestrips for the summer time, make sure you take advantage of these before they are all sold. I find with deals like these they can sell-out quickly so make sure you order before they are out of stock.

If you visit this page on Amazon you can find some of the crest whitestrips for under $20, this is a crazy deal considering they are usually closer to $40 when you buy them in the stores.

Better than a coupon

A few months ago I found a $10 coupon for white strips which was a great deal, but all of them were full price online. Now they have sales where the whitestrips are $10-$15 off so if you buy in bulk you can actually save more. Say you buy two boxes, you will be saving $20 in total rather than the $10 that the high value coupon would have saved you.


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