Crest Whitestrips coupon

Crest 3d white strips

Why use Crest 3d white strips?

  • They are the #1 dentist recommended brand
  • They use the same ingredients that dentist use
  • They cost far less than getting your teeth whitened at the dentist
  • Tests have shown they are safer on the enamel

Where to get the best price on Crest 3d White strips

Getting a good price on crest 3d whitestrips is easy, I use them once or twice a year and I always find the best price on this page on I have compared the prices online vs in the stores and the online price is always much cheaper. In fact I can even find crest 3d whitestrips coupons the odd time to save even more, for the most recent coupons visit the crest white strips coupon homepage.

Crest 3d White strips VS Crest Supreme White Strips

Crest 3d white strips are the newest product released from the crest white strips line. The 3d strips are the replacement of their crest supreme white strips. These strips work slight better than the previous version. The crest 3d whitestrips use the same ingredients that dentists use to give their patients whiter teeth, so you get the same results but pay far less. Testing has shown that the crest 3d whitestrips are actually safer on the enamel of the teeth

How to use crest whitestrips

All you need to do is place the whitestrips on the top and bottom rows of your teeth, you should do this once a day. The 3d whitestrips are designed to stay on your teeth, it only takes a few minutes and then you can remove them. If you do this once a day and use the entire box your teeth will be much whiter than when you started.

Do Crest White strips actually work?

Yes they do, if you take a before and after picture you will notice that your teeth are much whiter after you finish the entire box of whitestrips. The strips are designed to conform to your teeth and this keeps the whitening gel in contact with your teeth. The contact will slowly remove the stain build-up that is on and below the tooth surface