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How Do Crest Whitestrips Work?

crest whitestripsCrest whitestrips and Crest 3D whitestrips work the same because they are in fact the same products. Crest has started using the 3D name because it sounds cool and high-tec! The Crest Whitestrips work by using a tooth whitening gel that contains peroxide. This gel coats the lining of a thin plastic strip that you put over top of your teeth.

How to use Crest Whitestrips

They are actually really easy to use, all you have to do is open the boxy and tear open the pouch that they are in. After doing this you remove the strip and peel back the liner. You should align the whitestrip with your gumline and then press gently so that the strips get good contact with your teeth. It is also recommended that you do not brush your teeth first. This may sound weird but I guess when you brush your teeth first it makes them really smooth and wet and this makes it harder for the white strips to stick. Once you have the front on your teeth you just fold the back behind your teeth and that will keep it in place. There is a required amount of time you should wear the strips (says on the box) so make sure you keep them on long enough.

Is it Ok to use two Whitestrips in a row?

Yes, according to the Crest website it is perfectly fine to use the strips back to back (two in a row). All you have to do is wear the first one for the amount of time you are supposed to, then take it off, wipe your teeth off and put on the second strip.

Can I use two Crest Whitestrip kits in a row or mix the whitestrips products?

Yes, according to the Crest site this is also fine. You can use one whitestrips kit and then start with another. It is also ok to use the whitestrips and then use the stainshield. It is recommended that you use one or two Crest Whitestrips kits per year to keep your teeth the whitest you can get them. If you still need further whitening or think that you do after this then it is recommended that you speak to a dentist about the professional strength Crest Whitestrips Supreme.

Is it OK to use the upper strip on bottom teeth or bottom strip on upper teeth?

No you should not do this. They will still work if you switch them but they may not fit properly. The upper strip is made specifically for the top teeth and to cover the entire area, while the lower teeth whitestrips are made to cover the bottom teeth. If you put the lower teeth whitestrips on your top teeth it will not cover as much area and it could make your smile look a bit funny.

Is it OK to wear the gentle routine Crest Whitestrips for longer than 5 minutes?

You should limit the use of the whitestrips to 5 minutes a day, these seems a bit contradictory to other answers but this is all coming from the Crest site so I would follow the instructions there. They say that wearing the whitestrips for more than 5 minutes a day can result in tooth sensitivity, I guess you can wear them longer then if your teeth don't get bothered.

Can I reuse Crest Whitestrips?

No you can not, using a whitestrip a second time will not whiten your teeth at all. The strips use hydrogen peroxide and if you try to use the strip a second time it will almost all be used up.



What Are Crest 3D Whitestrips?

Crest 3D whitestrips are the newest product released by Crest. So what is this 3D thing all about? It is simply a new branding campaign that Crest is using to freshen up the look and sound of their old whitestrips products. The idea and product is basically the same, but they have added the 3D moniker because that sounds hip and cool in todays age. Does this mean you should not buy the Crest 3D Whitestrips?

Absolutely not! there are many benefits of using the 3d whitestrips the main one of course being whiter teeth! Every teeth whitening kit from Crest is guaranteed to whiten your teeth. This is done by removing surface stains and also tackling those hard to remove set-in stains that are often found deep in the Enamel.

Will teeth whitening kits damage your enamel? This is a question that a lot of people have before doing a home teeth whitening kit. The Crest Whitestrips are formulated to be safe and very effective when you use them properly. The company has done a lot of research and all of it indicates that the strips are safe on enamel, in fact the strips and formula has the same ingredients that professional doctors use!

How to Use the Crest Whitestrips

Some people may be intimidated or confused when it comes to do a home teeth whitening kit, but the fact is that these are very simple to use. The Crest products come with a thin flexible strip and all you have to do is fold it over your teeth. This is a big benefit over the tray type kits as there is more contact to your teeth. These strips have the gel on the inside and they conform to the shape of your teeth. They work by keeping the gel in place and start removing and bleaching the stain build-up on and below the teeth.

How long does it take for them to work?

The results vary per person, and some may be more noticeable then others. If you order a pack you should see results about halfway through the treatment and very noticeable results at the end.